A Day in Minneapolis

A Day in Minneapolis

June 6, 2017

 photography by Austin Smith

photography by Austin Smith

The day started with a brief tour-by-photography of Minneapolis City Hall.  

The first time I had photographed Minneapolis City Hall was before the Grain Exchange's Instameet hosted by MNCommunity and Preserve Minneapolis.  It was right before I entered into the Grain Exchange when I was able to take a quick photo of the clock tower.

The Rotunda

  The "Father of Waters" carved by Larkin G. Mead

The "Father of Waters" carved by Larkin G. Mead

The rotunda hosts an articulate centerpiece to say the least.  It originated as a 44 pound block of marble imported from the Carrara quarries in Italy.  The "Father of Waters" is a marble mammoth, weighing in with the base, at a weight of more than 14,000 pounds.  

The second floor's stained glass middle piece consists of three figures each representing a key element to society.  Leftmost, the figure is clutching a dove which symbolizes peace.  At the center, the figure represents justice by holding a book and wielding a sword.  On the right, the figure represents community by holding a bee hive.  

After I photographed other details, such as the ceiling:


I left to continue the adventure and discover the next photograph stop.

Hennepin Avenue Bridge

The next stop happened to be on and off of Hennepin Avenue Bridge at only .08 of a mile away.  

The bridge's stairway down to the Mississippi riverfront was a more than welcome sight for this photographer who still hadn't yet photographed the Grain Belt sign, as well as a locomotive. 

  Milkweed in the Wind   photograph by Austin Smith

Milkweed in the Wind
photograph by Austin Smith

While I hugged the paved footpath next to the river, I managed to spot a dirt trail down through dense woods to a sandy shore.  The shore presented itself in lackluster fashion with trash strewn along the sand and empty plastic bottles that bobbed up and down in the water.  

But, looking up and behind resulted in seeing how Milkweed seeds fly through the wind en masse towards propagation.  That kinda helped.

Boom Island Park

Nothing more made itself known to be photography worthy until after I crossed the Plymouth Bridge and into Boom Island Park.  Boom Island park.  It features a lighthouse and a cool little bridge that arches over the mouth of the marina.  

I am the most succinct here because after returning across the Plymouth Bridge the day in Minneapolis came to an end at In The Loop Coffee Co.

In The Loop Coffee Co.

In The Loop Coffee Co. is a fantastic coffee shop located in, probably, the North Loop neighborhood.  My favorite feature about the place is the self-serving water.  It's ice cold from the dispenser and you don't have to bother anyone.  I was so thirsty that day I would have been repeatedly asking for refills.  Not at In The Loop.  At In the Loop you get to down your lovely glass containing water and fill it all at your own accord.