Minneapolis: Tiny Door Street Art

Minneapolis: Tiny Door Street Art

June 1, 2017

  Tiny & Mini Pac-Man Doors by Mows  photography by Austin Smith

Tiny & Mini Pac-Man Doors by Mows
photography by Austin Smith

After I departed from Nice Move's studio tour & industry party at Hybrid Medical Animation studio, I rounded a corner and discovered a piece of new Minneapolis street art. 

These tiny doors and windows are the work of a Minneapolis street artist known as "Mows" (mouse).  His moniker shields his true identity because the tiny fixtures go onto buildings (sometimes) without permission.  He posted these photos to his Instagram on May 6th.

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The beauty of the doors stems from the little nature.  They are a small, but definitely not unnoticed, fleck of a colorful detail splashed against the monotony of the city.

Tiny doors are a delightful encounter for any passerby, well, maybe not all of them.

Unfortunately, the tiny and mini Pac-Man doors were a part of the spree of tiny doors destroyed by an unknown male.  

The destruction started in early May.  It was publicized with a post made by the vandal on Instagram under the account name of "urstreetartsux".  His distaste for the tiny doors is made apparent by his middle finger gesture in front of an array of tiny doors, windows, and welcome mats.

 photo from @urstreetartsux (instagram account no longer available)

photo from @urstreetartsux (instagram account no longer available)

The same vandal responsible for the above photo may have been recorded in the act by a business's security camera.

Mows has since decided to increase the secrecy of the locations to his tiny doors in response to the vandal.  The posts on Mows's Instagram no longer contain "easy" details on the locations of the new tiny doors.

The next time I see a tiny door, which I haven't since, I'll be sure to stop and appreciate it.