A Trip in Minnesota: Vermillion Falls Park

A Trip in Minnesota: Vermillion Falls Park

May 23, 2017

 photography by Austin Smith

photography by Austin Smith

There's a few things you have to do when you visit Vermillion Falls Park.

First, you take the path straight ahead from the parking lot and drink in the sights from the falls observation area.  Next to the rugged railing (pictured above), a tiny structure with a roof provides shade.

The next step, of course, is to view the falls from ground level.

There's a little difficulty navigating through the thick woods alongside the falls, but it's worth it.

The next stop is the bridge that features many padlocks fastened onto the chain-link railing.  

Past the bridge there is a trail that leads to dilapidated structures on the banks of the river, as well as a cave named, "Josie".  

The sights at Vermillion Falls Park are plentiful.  

Be sure to exercise caution while trekking to the falls, the run-down buildings, and especially the cave.  

The cave has provided shelter to homeless people in the past.  It has even been labeled with, "HOME SWEET HOME".

I did in fact pass a homeless man wearing a dress and a clown nose while he pushed a stroller with no baby.  

This particular individual greeted me politely in passing and set-up shop in the picnic shelter.
He used the outlet in there to charge his phone and the table to place his bottle o' Jack Daniels and other items on top of.

So, be sure to explore Vermillion Falls with friends, as it's the safest way and the most enjoyable.