A Trip to: South Padre Island, Texas

A Trip to: South Padre Island, Texas

March 14, 2017

The high Texas sun beat down on me immediately after I stepped out of Harlingen International Airport.

The heat and humidity caused the moisturizer on my face to slide directly into my eyes.  My first thought during the stinging barrage was, "Yes, now I remember what humidity and hot sunlight is like," as well as, "ow, ow, and ow." 

Departing from Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport in early March and landing in high humidity with 89 degree lows was quite the contrast.

Destination: Road's End

If you ride all the way up the strip of South Padre, you will eventually reach where the road ends, and seemingly endless sand and ocean begins.  


I had a photogenic vacation. #seagull #seagullphotography #photography #waves🌊 #nofilterneededforthisbeauty

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